Pt.Mega Prima Mulia

Pt. Mega Prima Mulia Established On March 2010 As Magna Industrial Co.Limited Authorized Distributors For Indonesia.Market Area Jawa, Bali, Nusa Tenggara..
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Company Information Pt.Mega Prima Mulia

Company Name
Pt.Mega Prima Mulia
Company Details
Address :
Jln.Perjuangan Ruko Kebon Jeruk Plaza Blok C No.2 Jakarta Barat
Jakarta , Indonesia
Fax :
(+62) 153662772
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Year Of Establishment
We Sell
Grease, Oil, Additive Merek OMEGA
Number Of Employee/s
Pt. Mega Prima Mulia Established On March 2010 As Magna Industrial Co.Limited Authorized Distributors For Indonesia.

Market Area Jawa, Bali, Nusa Tenggara

OMEGA 22 Super PTFE Grease
OMEGA 28 Super PTFE Grease
OMEGA 33 Extreme High Temperature Grease.
OMEGA 35 " Megalite" Solid Lubricant ( MSL)
OMEGA 38 Crystal Gear FG Grease
OMEGA 51 Non-Conductive Grease for All Electric Motors
OMEGA 57 Extreme Pressure Grease.
OMEGA 58 Heavy-Duty, Pure Food Grease.
OMEGA 59 Centralised System Grease.
OMEGA 64 Pin, Bushing and Track Roller Grease.
OMEGA 65 Long-Life Chain and Cable Grease.
OMEGA 66 Low Temperature Grease.
OMEGA 71 Universal Non-Melt Grease.
OMEGA 73 Waterproof Open Gear Grease.
OMEGA 77 Long-lasting Bearing and Chassis Grease.
OMEGA 78 Food Grade Anti Corrosion Grease.
OMEGA 85 " Shear Sensation Plus" , Super Shear-Stable, All-Purpose, High-Performance Grease.
OMEGA 95 Corrosion Control Grease.
OMEGA 99 Anti-Seize Compound.

OMEGA 580 Super High-Purity Grade Oil.
OMEGA 585 All-Synthetic, Food Grade Chain & Gear Oil.
OMEGA 605 Air-Line Oil.
OMEGA 606 Industrial Hydraulic Oil.
OMEGA 608 Chain & Way Lubricant.
OMEGA 611 Super Refrigeration Oil.
OMEGA 612 Universal Maintenance Oil.
OMEGA 613 Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump Oil.
OMEGA 615 Ultra High-Performance Air and Refrigeration Compressor Oil.
OMEGA 636 Universal Maintenance Oil.
OMEGA 646 " High Tech" Fluid Lubricant for Chains.
OMEGA 647 Carbon-Free Chain Lubricant
OMEGA 656 100% Synthetic Cutting, Grinding & Machining Fluid
OMEGA 657 Premium Quality Cutting Oil.
OMEGA 658 Emulsifiable, Cutting and Cooling Fluid..
OMEGA 660 Superior Thermal Stability Heat Engine Oil.
OMEGA 670 Straight Mineral Oil For Gear and Chain.
OMEGA 680 Premium Quality Warm Gear Oil
OMEGA 690 Vari-Purpose Gear Oil.
OMEGA 699 Superior Performance Automatic Transmission Fluid

OMEGA 903 Diesel Fuel Oil Additive.
OMEGA 904 Industrial Oil Concentrate.
OMEGA 909 Additive for Petrol, Diesel and L. P. G. Engine Oils
OMEGA 915 Special Performance Booster For Gear Oil.
OMEGA 917 " Seal Saver" for Hydraulic System.OMEGA 992 " Power Jet " Fuel Injection Booster.